Mr. Anand Muglikar is a BE Electronics from VIT, Pune with 13.5+ years of experience in Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He has graduated from the first MOOCs by Stanford professors Prof. Dr. Sebastian Thrun and Prof. Dr. Peter Norvig, Prof. Dr. Andrew Ng, c. 2011. In Computer Vision, he has worked in diverse domains like Medical Imaging, Consumer Branding, Surveillance Automation, ADAS (Self-Driving cars), Edtech, etc. and in NLP he has worked in Tabular Data extraction from Documents. He is known for solving complex sticky problems in Computer Vision, NLP & Deep Learning with a keen study of the acquired data combined with a first principles approach, gut instinct, patience, persistence & perseverance. He also builds interesting Computer Vision (Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak), Deep Learning (GAN - DeepFake) projects and camera perception robots (Biology Driven Robot ) as a hobby.